MARTY and the MERMAID in 2014

I wish I could draw: I would create the cartoon that my title encourages, of Marty Grosz — bowtie and archtop — either embracing or being embraced by or singing to — a Jazz Mermaid. But you’ll have to imagine it for yourselves.

This post isn’t about cross-species romance or a new Disney film. I simply wish to mention that the peerless guitarist, singer, scholar, wit Martin Oliver Grosz, Himself, will be appearing at the Mermaid Inn in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, on these Friday nights in 2014: January 31, April 25, August 29, November 7.  The music runs from 8:30 PM – midnight. The cast of characters will shift during this Tour, but cornetist Danny Tobias is a certainty; expect a bassist and perhaps another horn. The Mermaid Inn is located at 7673 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118: (215) 247-9797.  It is cozy and neighborly, and the prices will not appall or astonish.

Here are two videos I recorded during one of Marty’s 2013 appearances — with Danny Tobias, Dan Block, and Ed Wise — inducement for the Faithful to mark their calendars and go:



May your happiness increase!

2 responses to “MARTY and the MERMAID in 2014

  1. Don "Zoot" Conner

    Ah yes Marty Grosz. I dont have tooo much trad jazz, or if you prefer, dixieland. However Marty is something else . I have almost everything he’s done and i consider him the most entertaining guy in jazz history. Coming from a guy who was raised on bebop and the “cool” school this is quite an admission. Love your blog i hope to become an ardent follower.

  2. Welcome, O Zoot! And I mean that – – –

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