I don’t smoke, but this sacred artifact (from eBay) tempts me:

EDDIE CONDON'S matchbook front

And the reverse:

EDDIE CONDON'S matchbook back

Now, the word “D****LAND” irked Mister Condon, so I hope he didn’t see too many of those matchbooks on East Fifty-Sixth Street.

I wanted to know what occupies that address now, and found this — a perfectly serene Sutton Place apartment building.  I would trade it all for one set with a group selected from Yank Lawson, Buck Clayton, Johnny Windhurst, Bobby Hackett, Cutty Cutshall, Peanuts Hucko, Bob Wilber, Dave McKenna, Bob Haggart, Morey Feld — some of the heroes who played at this club.

Oh, well.

We’ll always have RINGSIDE AT CONDON’S,” as Bogie tells Ingrid in CASABLANCA.

May your happiness increase!

5 responses to ““EXCUSE ME, SIR, DO YOU HAVE A MATCH?”

  1. jOhn P. Cooper

    Would you light a lady’s or a gentleman’s cigarette with those eBay won matches today?

    jOhn P. Cooper

  2. It’s an entirely rhetorical question because a) the matches in that particular matchbook have been used and no longer exist, and b) if someone takes out a cigarette near me, I back away — politely, I hope, but it is a reflex. Cheers! Michael

  3. jOhn P. Cooper

    Beautiful woman in Paris speaks to you – “Pardon me, monsieur. I see you have a light, no? Would you be so kind as to light my cigarette, please, yes?”

  4. I would have to say, “Forgive me, mademoiselle. This matchbook has no matches. And smoking is very bad for you. I am so sorry I cannot assist you in this.”

  5. jOhn P. Cooper

    But, monsieur! I implore you! You see, this is my last cigarette and this is my last night in Paris and this is my last night on earth. I am afraid that I am quite ill. This final cigarette was given to me by my late husband, Jacques. I told him that I would ask but one kind gentleman to help me light this last cigarette on this night. With your kindness, monsieur, Jacques and I will be reunited. Without your help, we will be forever apart. Please help me before the moment is lost to time. Please!

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