One of the highlights of the jazz weekend formerly known as “Jazz at Chautauqua” — now the Allegheny Jazz Party — is the opportunity to hear and admire the music of James Dapogny.  Here he is on September 20, 2013, with a small group of like-minded creators, waxing poetic on three jazz classics. I mean no disrespect to the other four luminaries onstage by writing that a particular pleasure of my vantage point is being able to see and hear the pianist so clearly. All hail!

The Lyrical Fellows are Andy Stein, violin; Dan Levinson, reeds; Jon Burr, string bass; Pete Siers, drums.




Shades of Joe Venuti and Jimmy Dorsey, of Joe Sullivan and Fats Waller, among others, with a healthy dose of homeopathic Chicago barrelhouse.  To be taken as needed.  Renew your prescription here.

May your happiness increase!

3 responses to “JAMES DAPOGNY and his LYRICAL FELLOWS

  1. Ida Melrose Shoufler

    A great post, Michael!! Fantastic musicians,,The violin made me think instantly of Joe Venuti. I agree with you on the piano. How great to hear Mr. Dapogny so clearly,,and yes, All hail..He is one heck of a piano player! Thank you NM,,

  2. Michael, your posts captivate me! Is there a way to search your blog by key words? I too have handwritten notes of musicians – and many photographs whom am trying to identify whose- who along w/my Grandpa, Bob Effros, Seem to be reading, writing and always have listened to great music of the Big Band era, Not to mention the unique women like the Boswell Sisters, Annette Hanshaw, Billie Holiday and so many others!

  3. We strive to be captivating! I believe, on the home page of JAZZ LIVES, right column, way down, there is a “search” box. If I am wrong, let’s talk via Gmail. Wishing you happiness, Michael

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