Thanks to Albert Haim, we can now hear a precious conversation: Studs Terkel talking to Louis Armstrong after his nightclub appearance has ended — some thirty-three minutes of conversation originally broadcast on WFMT, a tape held by the Chicago History Museum.

The interview was new to me, and I hear Louis returning to familiar subjects but also fielding questions in his own way (and asking for his lip salve).

For those who appreciate absurdist commentary, a line-by-line phonetic “transcription” of what is being said appears on the Pop Up Archive page . . . it is hilariously incorrect, and I hope it is computer-generated rather than the result of someone’s actual listening.

We can listen to Louis and Studs, old friends, talking in the early morning here.

May your happiness increase! 

5 responses to “WFMT, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: JUNE 24, 1962, 2 AM

  1. Leon Oakley

    Hi Michael,

    You may know this already, but by the time I tried to listen to this rare interview the page was pulled and could not be opened. Not that I didn’t try. several times.

    Thanks for the hearty attempt on your part.



    …are not apparently live links.

  3. See comment in response to Leon Oakley. I was able to access the interview by going around the corner to the PopArchive site and then searching for it. I believe the material is still accessible, and it repays listening.

  4. “We copied it from them”

    Deep stuff.

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