I arrived back in New York late last night. With no offense to my fellow urbanites and suburbanites, the word that would describe my return is RELUCTANTLY. Unfortunately, I couldn’t muster up the good cheer of this Hero as imagined in a beautiful drawing by Thomas B. Allen:


Even in enhanced stereo (!) Louis looks young and healthy.

But it will take a while for me to look close to that. The Beloved is 3000 miles away. My apartment has serious water damage . . . precious objects became damp, musty — some can’t be repaired. I feel as if spiritual mildew is creeping up on me, which is not something that responds to ordinary curative methods. While I was slumping around the apartment, wondering what else had been ruined and whether I could ever find everything, I knew I needed serious help of a medical kind.

I called on my own medical group and they rushed to my aid. They are Doctors Warren, Dubin, Caparone, Barnhart, Barrett, Shaw, Cavera, Reynolds, and Reynolds:

I apologize for the swooping camerawork but I was trying to create closeups without a tripod, and I think I was so happy that my hand possibly couldn’t remain steady. Somewhere, Fats Waller and Bing Crosby smile approvingly, too.

This always makes me feel better, and I will now play it again while I do other domestic chores.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Michael, so very sorry to learn of your misfortune and the possible loss of some of your musical treasures. I do hope that many can be restored. Your tremendous spirit will continue.

  2. Thank you, Tom! Just THINGS, I say. With love back, Michael

  3. Douglas Pomeroy

    Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the water damage! Like Tallulah Bankhead, I never touch the stuff. See you tonite at the Ear inn?

  4. Swoop away – I love seeing the close up work. I especially like the shot with Marc and Dan trading 4’s and Ralf doing his thing in the background. Welcome back to the east coast!

  5. Thanks, Cine! But I think swooping close-ups are part of my Early Period. I will leave it to the historians!

  6. Glad you’re back in the Apple – for how long? Would love to see you.

  7. Water damage is a major & royal pain. Your musical balm is great therapy, followed closely by insurance company restitution and a permanent fix to the leak problem. Hope it resolves quickly. You’re right about “things”. Agree with Cine on cu’s – they add and I didn’t get mal de mer. Swoops may be tamped down with a unipod. Best wishes on your East Coast return

  8. Glad You Made it!! Sounds like you could use a dehumidifier dear! oxo fettz

  9. Don "Zoot" Conner

    Sorry about your loss, Michael. This wonderful video should be the perfect RX for the blues.

  10. My Dear Michael,,I fully understand your “reluctancy” to leave the beloved. I’m sure coming home to a bad situation just added to your sadness,,If I was there I would help you clean things up,,I think you picked the right kind of medicine to help the blues. Playing this music would probably be just what the doctor ordered! I love these musicians as a group, and individually..If “Dr. Jazz,” is hanging around you might also listen to him

    Thinking of you, and sending lots of love,,,Auntie

  11. Will be thinking of you, pal. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  12. Michael you deserve better after all you’ve done for so long for all of us. Couldn’t read beyond the list of Dr’s, so am unclear if you also need to deal with medical issues. In any case, may thanks be to God soon for you!

  13. Don’t worry about me, pal SB — the list of Doctors was my facetious way of naming the musicians in the video. I have my own set of doctors, but so far the list is shorter. Be well!

  14. luigi lucaccini

    Ginger: This is our buddy Michael from Brick and Bottle and then Book Passage and the talk by Roz Chast. He’s back in NY, but has a mess on his hands according to his latest blog.

    Even jazz nuts have to face reality sometimes. Luigi


  15. Hello, Central… Gimme Doctor Jazz!

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