eBay, eBay, show us your treasures true!

I will share my secrets (not that they are original with me): search “jazz” in “Entertainment Memorabilia,” then click on “Autographs – Original.” Of course, one has to push aside offerings that don’t belong there.  But then, something singular comes up.

Willie “Bunk” Johnson writes (or dictates) a letter asking for gigs:

BUNK LETTERand the envelope in which it was saved for nearly seventy years:

BUNK MAILThis comes from the estate of Frederic Teague.

Something more cheerful, no?  Consider the mysterious Clarinda, a friend of Fats:

FATS PHOTO“Fats” always sends his Best Wishes — audible even if I hadn’t found this photograph.

I encourage my readers — those with idle hours — to search among the pages.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Douglas Pomeroy

    Wow, that’s the photo which I sold to a west coast collector a couple years ago! Small world, ya might say.

  2. Now, do you know who Clarinda is or was? Help us out here . . .

  3. Scott Anthony

    Hello Michael,

    We have a whole collection of Bunk’s letters on the San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation website at http://www.sftradjazz.org/bunkletters.php

    If you have not visited the site recently, I have added a database of images placed into various “albums” at http://www.sftradjazz.org/photos.htm

    See you soon I hope.

    Scott _______________________

    Scott Anthony santh@comcast.net http://www.santhony.com Golden Gate Rhythm Machine S. Anthony Studios LaserUp! Software


  4. Douglas Pomeroy

    No idea who she was. Found that photo in a junk shop here in Brooklyn about 40 years ago.

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