Daily Archives: January 12, 2015


Two days ago, my reliable California computer, pal of many keystrokes, sputtered and moved on . . . the monitor went black and stayed that way.  After rigorous testing in the JAZZ LIVES independent laboratory, it was pronounced defunct.  I am now using an aged laptop whose capacities for fun and frolic are limited . . . so this blog will be sitting in the sun until January 19, when I return to New York.

Talk among yourselves.  Since I have published more than 3000 posts and shared more than 4000 videos in the last six years, I suggest that there might be something to amuse or divert.  And I look forward to discovering what amusements there might be for me in the week to come with fewer hours at the computer.  I’ll be back in a week, I promise.

May your happiness increase!