Two days ago, my reliable California computer, pal of many keystrokes, sputtered and moved on . . . the monitor went black and stayed that way.  After rigorous testing in the JAZZ LIVES independent laboratory, it was pronounced defunct.  I am now using an aged laptop whose capacities for fun and frolic are limited . . . so this blog will be sitting in the sun until January 19, when I return to New York.

Talk among yourselves.  Since I have published more than 3000 posts and shared more than 4000 videos in the last six years, I suggest that there might be something to amuse or divert.  And I look forward to discovering what amusements there might be for me in the week to come with fewer hours at the computer.  I’ll be back in a week, I promise.

May your happiness increase!


22 responses to “I DECLARE! A BLOG HOLIDAY

  1. Charles Decker

    Enjoy some well deserved time off

    Your blogs are very interesting informstive And enjoyable

    I have learned a lot “about a lot” in then

    I have a 7 piece classical jazz band in nyc (All studio guys and gals to whom you have Given lots of well deserved “ink”

    (I play rhythm guitar- freddy green style) And banjo

    I stumbled upon archtop.com in your archived

    What a treasure trove of info!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. George Batten

    Enjoy your time off, just don’t become attached to the free time!

  3. Hope you didn’t lose anything valuable?! (Note to self: RUN BACKUPS) Have a swell rest of vacation!

  4. I know I lost some photos in my library, but the videos are all already uploaded or on an external hard drive. Yes, backups keep us from that singular kind of despair.

  5. Will miss your work for a week.

  6. Men, Stay alive and rest yourself as you deserv!!

  7. Thomas P. Hustad

    Your absence will make our hearts grow even fonder. Thanks, Michael.

  8. Take a well deserved break! I only wish that WordPress would allow me to ‘re-register’ or whatever the word is -to subscribe to your blog! I can only access it through FB now. If any computer wizards can help I’d be very grateful!

  9. Enjoy your well deserved week off Michael! All the Best to you in 2015!
    Judy in YVR

  10. Enjoy your time off-although it must be cold there. We have returned from the beach and its hot as ‘ell – so the music is made to match that.

  11. Bill Gallagher

    Perhaps your first blog upon returning could be titled “Requium for a Gateway.”

  12. It was a used Dell, but the idea is fitting.

  13. I will miss JAZZ LIVES, and the music you give me, but enjoy your well deserved time off,,Do something wild and crazy with your beloved! My love to both of you,,

  14. Joanne Horton

    Gonna miss you..I could do a diary of events from the Wilber household to fill in?????Practice,practice & more practice then eat!

  15. Michel Bastide

    Enjoy your holidays !

  16. John Carstairs Ha

    Learn to play the Ukulele?!

  17. And so you should – a blog free week is yours!  Enjoy the sunshine ….. Patti x

  18. Note to blog readers: I bet if you look at the recent posts list to the right, you’ll find a blog you didn’t have time to listen to at the time..so enjoy NOW!

  19. DDn "Zoot" Conner

    I miss you already,Michael.Your blog with it’s great music and your almost always eloquent comments have taught me about some very under-rated musicians and your book reviews.For instance,I have just finished reading “Being Prez” by Dave Gelly.It’s not the definitive book on Pres,but given his originality,both musically and personally,perhaps that’s impossible.

  20. Volker Albrecht

    While I like the contents of your blog, I mostly do not read them because you are inflating them. Why not take this as an opportunity to sit back and start the new year with maybe 3-4 blogs a week. This will each one more meaningful!

    Happy New Year anyway and thank you for the past year.

  21. I look forward to your return, Michael: enjoy the break!

  22. Happy New Year to, Michael!

    And a happily swingin’ return, as soon as your machine(s) are fixed.

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