Today, March 10, is the birthday of Bix Beiderbecke, someone I’ve admired since my childhood.  This composition, AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL, always makes me think of him.  Here’s a lovely hot version from Tim Laughlin and Connie Jones (clarinet and cornet, respectively) recorded at the 2014 San Diego Jazz Fest — with the noble assistance of Doug Finke, trombone; Chris Dawson, piano; Katie Cavera, guitar; Marty Eggers, string bass; Hal Smith, drums:

And “the dear boy” is what Louis called him, many years later.

May your happiness increase!

6 responses to “HONORING “THE DEAR BOY”

  1. Joanne Horton

    And my dear boy will be 87 March 15th-still playing with a double CD coming out this week & presently being honoured with a video of his career aboard the Navigator -he is very special!

  2. Congratulations indeed and wishing you both much happiness!

  3. i’ve listened to wkcr today-bix. last night was a just wonderful-I hope you got it

  4. Reblogged this on THEJAZZBOX.ca and commented:
    Bix One of the founding fathers!

  5. BIX is one of my two player aliases in Buzztime Trivia (something I’ve been playing almost 21 years!)… So, indirectly today is my birthday!

    AFK to look up the birthday of RTSHAW, my other alias… (I REALLLLLYYYYY should have known this!)

    BTW, Awesome video!!

    p.s. May my correct answers increase tonight!

  6. What an awesome tribute to “The Bix!” I think every musician in the band gave their all,,,How about that drummer!! Thank you so much for the great video, NM.

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