This is an intriguing mystery.  I had never heard of  Bobby Christian, and I wonder how he got his friends to let him post their pictures in this 1948 advertisement. Were they the school’s faculty?  Now, there’s a wondrous thought.  And the ad has the only picture I’ve ever seen of Kenny John, later with Louis:


But it makes me think, for a moment, of going back to school.  Or at least mailing that coupon to-day.

May your happiness increase!

2 responses to “MAIL COUPON TO-DAY (1948)

  1. Michael, Bobby Christian was the drummer with Paul Whiteman during the summer of 1937 through January 1938. He was also with him on the Saturday Night Swing Club (January 15, 1938) as well as the Chesterfield Radio Shows, one of which (January 14, 1938) featured an adaptation by Johnny Mercer of his own, “Lord, I Give You My Children” in which he highlights the high quality musicianship of “Little” Charles Teagarden, “Goldie”, “Bullet” Cordaro, “Old Brother” Bargy, “Young” Bobby Christian and “the Elder” Teagarden. After Johnny’s vocal, they all solo, except Goldie and Bargy, in whose place Charlie LaVere soloed nicely.
    You had never heard of Bobby Christian – I never knew he ran a school. Thank you for publishing the ad.
    As always, thankfully,

  2. Bobby Christian was a Chicago fixture. He was mainly an all around percussionist who played the Chicago studios during the 40’s 50’s. I recall he was mainly a vibes guy. But could play timps, ,mallets, ex. Best, Ron

    Ron Fink

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