I’d never seen this before — a program for Duke Ellington’s JUMP FOR JOY as presented in 1941 at the Mayan Theatre.  Had it been a different world, we would have color sound footage of this production.  At least we have this program and the few recordings.

J4J one


J4J two


J4J three


J4J four

and finally

J4J five

A piece of history — cultural as well as musical.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “JOYOUS PAPER EPHEMERA, 1941

  1. Yup, we have all of that, plus two SOUNDIES of music from the show and the Mackay home movies of the show on stage.

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  2. This is PRECIOUS. Thanks, Michael!


  3. I just came across this posting 2 years after the fact. Are these photos of a program you bought or is it in a museum collection somewhere??? Also, Mark Cantor above referred to the “Mackay home movies”. I tried googling that and found nothing. I’m trying to do research on the dancer Garbo who in the show in 3 of the numbers (Flame Indigo, Garbo and Hepburn, and Sharp Easter) in at least one version of show (the creators kept changing it). And there is very little available.

  4. Alas, Julius, the answer is “Neither.” This program was up for bid or on sale on eBay, I lifted the images, and I presume someone else bought it . . . but I have no idea where it resides now. I can put you in touch with Mark Cantor if you would like. Michael

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