Here’s the theme song for all affectionate types (which I hope is a large audience) — this on-air version from January 1935:

And later in 1935, one of my favorite recordings ever:

It was issued under the name of pianist Garnet Clark, but it’s more often presented these days as a Django Reinhardt recording.  The stars are Clark, trumpeter Bill Coleman (catch his wonderful Louis-homages at the end, two, gloriously), clarinetist George Johnson, string bassist June Cole.  Poor Garnet Clark had a short life and a shorter recording history, dying young and in a psychiatric institution.  But how he could play!

Extra credit to those who know who Pinky Tomlin is.

I hope that the air today is full of people humming and singing this song.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Don "Zoot" Conner

    Love the the Boswells,regardless of the sound problem’s.Who’s the singer on the the Bill Coleman-Reinhardt cut?

  2. Stompy Jones

    Pinky sings ‘The Object of My Affection’ quite nicely on this 1958 ‘You Bet Your Life’ TV show with Groucho Marx:

  3. Bill Coleman sings, too.

  4. Patti Durham

    Well now – Snap My Suspenders! Pinky’s voice still sounds so sweet, but not helped by the backing musicians!

  5. Wow! First-rate Michael. What a stellar performance, and boy do they swing!

    Any idea who the drummer is?

  6. Very good, Dave! Rimshots all around.

  7. Pinky starred Jonah Jones in one of his films in 1937 – now how do I know that !

  8. The hilm was Thanks for Listening and I’m glad to say I was able to send Jonah a copy. He had been looking for it and had not seen it since 1937.

  9. Just came across this on etsy – something to go with the Pinky autograph: http://www.etsy.com/listing/189964788/pinky-tomlin-with-guitar-antique-music?ref=related-5

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