I know that the physical remains of Louis Armstrong changed their form in 1971, but I believe that his living presence remains all around us: not only in musicians, but in anyone amplified by and aware of his loving joyous spirit.

But the musicians give us the most evident vibrating proof.

Marc Caparone, cornet, with High Sierra at the Suncoast Jazz Classic, recorded in 2014 by Cine Devine:

Bent Persson, trumpet; Petter Carlson, piano, last month, recorded by Claes Jansson:

Duke Heitger, trumpet; Dalton Ridenhour, piano; Sean Cronin, string bass; Darrian Douglas, drums, April 18, 2015, Atlanta Jazz Party, recorded by swingyoucats (that’s me!):

Three kinds of lyrical beauty — each individual, each glowing.  You don’t have to play a trumpet to embody Louis.  Send out love, act joyously and kindly; enjoy your life — every day — and Louis lives through you.

P.S.  I am posting this blog on July 4 — the date Louis believed was his birthday. Reasonable evidence still points to this date, although 1901 rather than 1900.  If nothing else, his mother called him her “firecracker baby,” and although Mayann’s formal education must have been limited, I believe that she wouldn’t confuse July and August when remembering her delivery.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “LOUIS, ETERNALLY

  1. Couldn’t her “firecracker baby,” refer to his firing the gun?

  2. Dan Morgenstern

    Agree about 4th, and have used that firecracker quote too. My late friend Peter O’Brien, SJ, when we discussed discovery of birth certificate, said Catholics might well use baptismal rather than actual birth date, especially when dealing with the undocumented. Anything to gather souls! Louis’ devout grandma was the trigger. Anyway, the Man himself went to his maker believing July 4th, and, to quote Pearl Bailey, that’s good enough for me. Happy 4th!

  3. In the United States, there is a strong cultural connection between firecrackers and Independence Day. Guns and firecrackers are two different things, and I believe Mayann knew when she gave birth.

  4. Don "Zoot" Conner

    Thanks,swingyoucats,for the nice posts! Hope you have a wild Independence Day,it’s nice to see Dan’s comment -he’s one of my favorite all-time jazz writers.


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