THE RETURN of MIKE and MIKE (LIPSKIN and HASHIM, Smalls, April 28, 2015)

Jazz thrives on individuality.  The Ancestors always emphasized that a musician’s sound had to be as personal as a voice, instantly recognizable. Ben Webster spent the early part of his career trying to sound like Coleman Hawkins — a necessary stage in the development — then he realized it was time to be Ben Webster.

Two staunch individualists, happily thriving and playing, are swing piano master / singer / composer Mike Lipskin and saxophone master (here on alto and soprano) Mike Hashim.  And here are five beauties from their most recent New York City duo-recital, performed for an attentive international audience at Smalls on West Tenth Street in Greenwich Village.

I could have called this post THREE SLOW, TWO ROMPING, but you’ll discern such qualities for yourself as you watch and listen.

James P. Johnson’s wistful love poem, ONE HOUR:

Billy Strayhorn’s reverie, DAY DREAM:

I DON’T STAND A GHOST OF A CHANCE WITH YOU, that lovely ballad, has nearly vanished from the jazz repertoire.  I’m glad that Mike and Mike have good memories:

For Bix and the Louisiana Sugar Babes, an affirmation, THOU SWELL:

And for Fats.  The history’s inaccurate but the music is on course. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS:

Thank you, gentlemen!  Come back soon.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “THE RETURN of MIKE and MIKE (LIPSKIN and HASHIM, Smalls, April 28, 2015)

  1. Oh, my!! This is delicious! Come back soon, indeed!
    Great post!

  2. Don "Zoot" Conner

    Wow!The second posting of this group is terrific as was the first.Both of these cats are wonderful.Where the hell has Mike Hashim been hiding?What a versatile and talented sax-man is he,and soulful as well.I’ve haven’t heard such swinging in many a year.Bring ’em back,Michael, and thanks for the clips.

  3. Dennis Olivares

    Lipskin…? Always a solid bet as a player or writer… been reading his liner notes on Fats albums since I was in grade school 50 years ago! But, WHO is this guy Hashim!?!???? Only better overall sax men recording in the last 30 years are Zoot Sims, Art Pepper, Ken Peplowski, and maybe a handful of others. I would PAY MONEY to hear this guy– double if Lipskin were on the bill– or buy his recordings!! If you knew how CHEAP I was you’d realize what a statement and admission that was….

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