Bobby Hackett by Burt Goldblatt

Bobby Hackett by Burt Goldblatt

It’s always reassuring to find out that other people love your heroes as much as you do.  Jon-Erik Kellso shared music from the blissful October 1955 COAST CONCERT on Capitol Records — featuring Jack Teagarden, Abram Lincoln, Matty Matlock, Don Owens, Nappy Lamare, Phil Stephens, Nick Fatool — and a new Facebook acquaintance, Art Wood, shared a radio program I’d not known.  It was originally broadcast on WTIC, “A One-Night Stand With The Big Bands,”  Hartford, Connecticut, in June 1972: and it features what might be the longest publicly-available interview — done by Arnold Dean — with a very relaxed Bobby Hackett here.  Yes, there are a few flaws in the tape, and you’ll hear some period commercials — but it’s priceless time spent with Mister Hackett.

We love every note.  Bobby Hackett was a quiet man if he didn’t know you, but very kind.  His soul lives on in his music.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Wow! This is great to hear! Just a few weeks ago I was looking for an interview but couldn’t find one anywhere. Thanks for sharing, Michael!

  2. Superb interview, giving insight in many areas. I was particularly interested in Bobby’s comments about his role in persuading Capitol Records to record Jack Teagarden. What good fortune that they were brought together in California as a prelude to this. Thank you, Michael.

  3. Wondrous

  4. ‘Jackie Gleason could not conduct a car through the the Lincoln Tunnel at 2AM.
    But was Toscanini funny?’

    Now *that* is funny.

  5. I discovered this interview years ago and have shared it with many musician friends — it’s the closest most of us will ever get to spending a casual hour with the great Bobby Hackett. The host is great in that he asks a question and then actually listens to the response. So many interviewers today like to tell you what they think, and then ask the guest what they think about what they just said! There are many other interviews from the same program: http://www.goldenage-wtic.org/log-bb.html

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