How many people named “Sedley” do you know?

Very few people with that name turn up on Google, and it seems to have been a first name that has fallen out of favor.

But someone named Sedley was a swell fellow.  Teddy Wilson said so and put it in writing with his blue fountain pen.  I know that signature to be authentic because Mr. Wilson (by then very taciturn) signed his name for me in almost the same way.  And the inscription looks genuine: Teddy never paid anyone to sign his name for him, as far as I know.


But Sedley, whoever and wherever he is now, had Teddy Wilson’s seal of approval, which is no small thing.

The other three gentlemen in the photo (Lionel, Gene, Benny — flanking a particularly I’d-rather-be-anywhere-else Teddy) were swell fellows also.

This one’s for you, Sedley!  And for us.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Rob Rothberg

    There once was a fellow named Sedley,
    for whom the Quartet played a medley.
    By the time Avalon
    Reached his ears, he was gone
    And he happily headed to bed-ley.

  2. Rob Rothberg

    “And he danced away Ginger and Fred-ley?”

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