Julie Geller isn’t a jazz singer.  But her heartfelt candid art deserves your attention.  Her music and words need to be heard and absorbed.  Please take three minutes for this:

I’ve never met Julie (a dear friend shared this video with me) but I admire her and what she has created.  And I feel that the cyber-commonplace “Please share” is more than a cliche here.

Here is Julie’s YouTube channel; here is her website.  And her Facebook page.

Music, not death. Always.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Wayne Moore

    Lovely and so pertinent. USA has so many innocent people being shot and maimed or killed and that i so very sad. Isn’t it time to swallow prides and accept that there is an immediate need to hand in all guns under amnesty and those who need guns, register them to gun clubs for use on proper and legal gun clubs with gun safes where members must keep their guns and farmers etc who need guns to control unwanted guests such as foxes in the hen house.

    That is the only way to stop this too often mad killing

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