Daily Archives: March 18, 2016


Why, you might ask, does this post begin with a photograph of an airplane?  There is a reason.


When I book a flight, I always hope to get myself on JetBlue — for comfort, reliability, and an overall geniality.  But this morning’s Facebook viewing (thanks to Jon-Erik Kellso) made that feeling even stronger.

The longer version:

The shorter version:

You may guess the result: I applied for that credit card.  The other cards in my wallet have been very friendly and utilitarian, but I’m voting for Swing.  Any corporation that hires Tamar Korn and Michael Arenella is my kind of organization.  I think they deserve my support.  Now, am I urging you to do as I do?  Most certainly not.


What if you could board a flight for six hours of what could be tedium, plug in your earbuds to the Jazz Channel, and hear Tamar and Michael and their noble friends and colleagues romping and making sweet sounds?  What a dream. It works for me.  And even if it doesn’t for you, enjoy the rollicking inspiring sounds.

May your happiness increase!