I don’t mean to be irreverent on this Mother’s Day, or certainly not irrelevant, but here’s a wonderful musical tribute to the women without whom we wouldn’t exist.

Mammy O'Mine

The song is an ancient one (recorded by the ODJB and others — a hit in 1919-1920.  And I suspect that twenty years later, either Milt Gabler or Eddie Condon or both remembered it as a favorite of their childhood or just a good song to jam on, so we have this recording from 1942, with Eddie Condon And His Band: Max Kaminsky, cornet; Brad Gowans, valve trombone or valide; Pee Wee Russell, clarinet; Joe Sullivan, piano; Eddie Condon, guitar; Al Morgan, bass; George Wettling, drums.

Maternal affection, Chicago-style.  For all the Mothers in the house.  (My mother’s been gone since 2000, and she would have disliked this music, but as she used to say, “It’s the thought that counts.”  So she is being thought of, even in my own left-handed way.)

May your happiness increase!

8 responses to “MUSIC FOR MOM, OR ABOUT HER (May 8, 2016)

  1. Henry Piper

    Cannot see it, …comes up as “this video is not available”.

  2. Dear Henry, I just checked my post and it comes through loud and clear. Are you writing from North America or elsewhere? So sorry about the blip, but it might be a YouTube idiosyncracy, not mine.

  3. Richard Motycka

    Tried to play it here in Salzburg, but it’s a no-go.

  4. I’ve got my best people in Interpol working on it now, Agent Moe.

  5. Nancie Beaven

    Playing beautifully here in Ohio.:o) Thanks dear Michael :o)

  6. Henry Piper

    I,m in U.K if that helps !!

  7. Don "Zoot" Conner

    My mom left the scene in 1996,however,since she was totally tone-deaf,she neither liked nor disliked any music-she would have the perfect person to arbritate any musical discussion.

  8. Henry Piper

    Still no joy here in U.K !! so I’ve dug out a C.D and am listening to it as I write this, Fortunately I have almost Everything Condon ever recorded, one of my all time Jazz heroes, a man who never made a bad recording in his career in my opinion.!!

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