SARAH AT SARAH’S: AUGUST 28, 2016 (Part One)


My friend Sarah Spencer (tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet, vocal) is an impeccable hybrid.  London-born, New Orleans-sourced.  Although her speaking voice and cadences are purest UK, her musical soul is situated somewhere on the Rue Conti.  And, yes, she encountered Raymond Burke and Percy Humphrey and several dozen Masters, now-Ancestors in her musical and spiritual development.

On August 28, 2016, I had the very pleasant opportunity to hear and record Sarah and her Quartet (Jimmy Mazzy, banjo and vocal; Art Hovey, string bass and tuba; Bill Sinclair, piano and vocal) at the Jazz Masters Series at Sarah’s Wine Bar (an outgrowth of Bernard’s, a wonderful restaurant) in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  (The Jazz Masters Series is held on the last Sunday of each month.)

Before we begin, here are two performances featuring Jimmy Mazzy from that evening.  One is eloquently tender; the other ribald.  You’ll be able to tell them apart.

And several emotionally energized highlights from the first set.  (I’ve left the beginnings unedited, for the most part, so that you can see the endearing friendly exchanges among the quartet)






Part Two will be along anon.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “SARAH AT SARAH’S: AUGUST 28, 2016 (Part One)

  1. Many thank, Michael, as always.

  2. I was intrigued to hear this “Anytime.” I expected to hear the song that Herbert Lawson wrote in 1921 and that Eddie Arnold popularized in 1948. I’d never heard this particular song, so got a pleasant surprise. On doing a search I see it was written by Joe Jordan and Clarence Williams in 1927. I really enjoyed Sarah’s rendition.

  3. Yes, I’ve loved that tune ever since I heard the Dry Throat Five do it waaay back. The Clarence Williams version is the one. This was from the sound check and I messed up the lyrics a little …. Intended to correct them on the actual gig but we didn’t play it again.

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