SARAH AT SARAH’S: AUGUST 28, 2016 (Part Two)


On August 18, 2016, Sarah Spencer — the UK-born phenomenon on saxophones and vocal — led a quartet that created romping New Orleans jazz.  This took place at the happily named Sarah’s Wine Bar in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where a Jazz Masters Series takes place on the last Sunday of each month.  Sarah’s colleagues are banjoist /singer Jimmy Mazzy, pianist Bill Sinclair, bassist / tubaist Art Hovey.

Here is Part One, and here are two special features by the lyric troubadour and entertainer Jimmy Mazzy from that same evening.

And here are some more delights.


A cautionary sermon on the virtues of taciturnity, Morton’s BIG LIP BLUES (which starts out with an unintentional reference to A. A. Milne):


And the closing numbers with special significance for Sarah and all of us, I’M WITH YOU WHERE YOU ARE:


Sarah, as she points out, will be returning home to the UK on January 3, 2017 — although she promises to visit us again for gigs in the autumn.  Wherever she goes, she will spread joy, as she has here.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “SARAH AT SARAH’S: AUGUST 28, 2016 (Part Two)

  1. Sarah Spencer

    Thank you so much, Michael, for recording this and allowing me to have more than fleeting mementos of this spectacular evening. So happy you were there for all the reasons you can think of.

  2. Thanks a million Michael for introducing me to the fabulous Sarah Spencer! Adore her version of “Smile Darn Ya, Smile”. I know you’re familiar with my fave version recorded by Ben Selvin with Grandpa Bob Effros with “horse laughter” and on trumpet. Vince Giordano recently performed a great rendition of the hit.

  3. Be grateful if someone could fill me in a bit more on Sarah’s background
    Was her father Martin Spencer and grandfather Tommy Spencer?
    Would be pleased to know where she originated from in the UK,
    we might just be related.
    Carl Spencer

  4. No, I’m afraid not. My parents are two, pretty well-known jazz fans in the New Orleans jazz scene in the U.K., Geoff and Jill Spencer. They were taking me to gigs when I was in utero and I’ve just continued on!

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