Here’s a little mystery, courtesy of the great attic / basement / rummage sale / museum that is eBay: two sides of a postcard, and the question of my title.


Flip it over . . .


Maybe Marvin was tired from his workweek; $1.50 meant much more in 1948 than it does today.  But I hope he got to the Stuyvesant Casino and heard the band, and had a wonderful time.  In my ideal fantasy, he saved the postcard because he did go . . . he’d kept it in his shirt pocket and his fountain pen leaked on the bottom right corner above.

Incidentally, the eBay seller (link here) is asking one hundred times the admission price for this artifact: make of that what you will.  Inflation, for sure. But shipping is free.

Internet research, always treacherous, shows me that 41-63 Frame Place still exists, and that there is “a” Marvin Dunenfeld, 89, who now lives in Willis, Texas. The age would be right, but it’s a much longer trip from Flushing to Willis than it might have been from Flushing to the East Village.

The moral to the story (there must be a moral) is that we don’t always know what Wonders are happening in our midst: almost seventy years later, this casual Friday night concert seems to us like a gathering of deities, correctly.  Get out and hear some live music if you can, while you can.  If you can’t, then buy a CD. If that’s not possible, have a friend over and play some music . . . spread the word.  Chippie Hill isn’t showing up for gigs any more, but we can still hear her.

May your happiness increase!

5 responses to “DID MARVIN GO?

  1. Robert D. Rusch

    gad I’ve got 100s of similar postcards from that period cheers rdr >

  2. Thrilled you’re reading! Either have someone put them on eBay or remember my address . . . or neither!

  3. Dan Morgenstern

    I had dozens of these cards, also from competing Jack Crystal all of which I donated to Institute of Jazz Studies, as did dear George Hoefer. Are they worth that much? As a record of what great stuff took place there, maybe so. I don’t recall that gent, btw…


  4. Note on the card that my best gig buddy in those days, bassist Charles TRAEGER had is name misspelled as CRAEGER. Chuck Traeger, is close to 90, retired as a player, and then luthier and now lives in Yulan NY with wife June. He (and Bob Wilber) played quite a bit at the Stuy with those listed above as well as with Sidney Bechet, and Bunk Johnson.

  5. I noticed the mis-spelling, Steve, but thanks for the good news that Charles is still with us!

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