In moments of stress and turmoil, I turn to Louis.  He reminds me that after grief, there is joy.  After death, there is rebirth.  Brother Gate is no longer with us, but we can ramble.

NEW ORLEANS FUNCTION: Louis, Jack Teagarden, Barney Bigard, Earl Hines, Arvell Shaw, Cozy Cole.

May your happiness increase!

8 responses to “MUSIC FOR THESE TIMES (January 2017)

  1. SARAH Spencer

    May YOUR happiness ever increase, Michael.

  2. Dan Morgenstern

    Right you are about Louis! But here’s another timely suggestion, a bit corny for sure, but check it out! “Dip Your Brush In the Sunshine” by Ted Lewis,
    asking Benny to paint it blue and Muggsy to paint it red, red hot! A bit of
    cheer for sure!

  3. It’s a wonderful recording for sure!

  4. Michael, your post is emotional comfort for a disturbed
    Let us keep on rambling all the time in the future with a
    little help from Dr. Jazz.
    Frank Selman.

  5. Dan Morgenstern

    How about You Rascal You? Dedicated to the Incomer…


  6. Thought about it but decided to take the higher road, even though elevations make me pant.

  7. Could not agree more Michael. Nonetheless, given Pops’ irrepressible natural ebullience I could see him nodding to his All Stars – maybe especially in light of today’s events in Washington – this good ol’ good one, “On The Sunny Side of the Street” – in particular the 7-minute version from the little-heralded five-star 1947 concert at Boston Symphony Hall. That rendition always gives me a lift!

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