This is an amazing and sweet documentary, something I never expected to see and hear, a portrait of Louis in unusual surroundings, with deep commentary from Enrico Tomasso, whom I admire greatly, as musician and humane being.  It will all become clear:

The twentieth century had its horrors; some continue, intensified, today.  But Louis Armstrong — our spiritual beacon — could come to Batley, in Yorkshire, and play for several weeks.  Such a fact suggests that, as THE NEW YORKER’S Harold Ross said in a different context, “Talent doesn’t care where it resides.”

May your happiness increase!

5 responses to ““THESE ARE MY PEOPLE”: LOUIS and ENRICO at the BATLEY VARIETY CLUB, 1968

  1. “Leave me alone, these are my people.” Louis Armstrong was not just genuine, he was delighted to give of himself to such a point that he “solidified” a 7 year old’s decision to be a professional Jazz trumpet player. Isn’t it awesome what creative, emotionally-based music can do! I think we need just a bit more of this in the States? Thank you for this post!

  2. Trygve Hernæs

    Enrico is one of the best, where ever you go to find great jazz trumpeter and entertainer. I can go to UK just for the purpose and hear him. Fortunately, he often Plays at The Mike Durham Jazz Party in Newcastle upon Tyne. It takes me about 4 hours by plane to og there. and I do it each and every year!

  3. Chokes me up every time to see that all through his life this giant of a musician never saw himself as ‘better than’.

  4. Don "Zoot" Conner

    What a fascinating documentary;I have seen your many posts featuring Enrico,Michael,but this post tops them all.Louis was not only great,but humble as well.

  5. Anthony Barnett

    What a wonderful world

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