Heartfelt people knew to write thank-you notes.  Here’s a singular one, showing just how much love a man of feeling could fit on a penny postcard (mailed from St. Louis, May 12, 1947):

I’ve tried to trace the doctor but with no success.  However, 440o South Drexel Boulevard still can be seen on Google Earth — a pleasant small apartment building or multi-family house.

I wonder what Louis and Dr. Teplitz and family had for dinner.  May 12 was a Monday; had the Teplitzes invited Louis for a Shabbos feast?  Not improbable, and Louis would have loved it.

This was the wondrous early heyday of Louis’ All-Stars.  The other side of the postcard is a studio portrait of Jack Teagarden, which leads to this delightful illustration of gratitude.  To me, PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is a thank-you note to the cosmos, especially in this performance:

Don’t you, even for a moment, wish that Louis had come to your house for dinner?  I know I do.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “TWO THANK-YOU NOTES (1947)

  1. I have a note written on the back of the iconic “New Yorker” cover of the down-at-heel collection of Santa Clauses on NYC transport by George Price. It was written to Jimmy Robles, and I could scan it if you are interested.

  2. Thanks, but even though I have been reading that since 1969, I will pass. Thanks for thinking of me.

  3. Gary Turetsky

    Make that three thank you notes, Michael. Wish we could see the flip side of that postcard. Did Louis know when he was having dinner with Dr. Teplitz that he would be sharing the stage with Big T in a few days? The Town Hall Pennies from Heaven is so beautiful. Big T had a big heart and it comes through in his solo. Somewhere later in that concert he is interviewed and he says something on the order of “I’m in heaven” , meaning to be playing with Louis. Yes indeed.

  4. The postcard is still for sale on eBay, where you can see both sides. Heaven indeed. Thanks for caring! Michael

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