Betty Lou has something to explain to us, and it doesn’t need Google Translate:

That rare record (quite hot and swinging) comes to us through the generosity of collector / scholar Steve Abrams, who has been showering the faithful with treasures of all kinds on his YouTube channel, SMARBA100. Everything from hot classics (Luis Russell, Joe Robechaux) to Twenties dance bands and “American roots music” — all gratifying and surprising.  Thank you, Steve!

I couldn’t find any photographs of the band or of Betty Lou, but thank goodness we have the music: that survives.  And as for Betty Lou: “DO try this at home.”

May your happiness increase!

One response to “BETTY LOU TELLS HER STORIES (1937)

  1. Bill Haesler

    Dear Michael,
    The personnel for Betty Lou & Hartman’s Heart Breaker’s “Feels Good” session (8 tunes) is:
    Elmer Warren, f; Cecil “Curly” Campbell, bj; Harry Blair, g; unk. g; Dick Hartman, tg; Fred “Happy’ Morris, sb; Kenneth “Pappy” Wolfe, traps/sw; Betty Lou, v.
    Recorded: Charlotte NC. Monday, June 22, 1936.
    Anyone we know?

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