Louis Armstrong came to visit us in tangible form on July 4, 1901, and he transformed into spirit on July 6, 1971.  I know that so many lives would have been different — less illuminated — had he not existed.

Here is something in his honor, lest we forget his power to spread joy.

I find it odd that I’ve never seen sheet music of his theme song with his face on the cover — my copy of the song, from 1931, is a Mildred Bailey sheet — but the significance of that eludes me.  Here is Louis’ first recording of the song he would sing and play hundreds and thousands of times.

“Good evening, everybody!”

And if any disputatious readers want to fuss about July 4, 1901, take it up with Mayann, the mother of the “firecracker baby.”  If others wish to quarrel about “darkies,” I understand the impulse . . . but there are other, better ways to use one’s energy.

May your happiness increase!

5 responses to ““WELL, WHAT YOU SAY, DIPPER?”

  1. Is this the new date of Birth?
    So now he has three. Not one too many 😀

  2. ericwhittington

    My happiness just increased with this one, Michael! Thanks! And happy 4th of July to you!

  3. Gary Turetsky

    Only a really great American gets his portrait on a real Time magazine cover. Louis earned the honor every day of his life; there was nothing fake or dishonest about him. On this troubled Independence Day his music and life remind us again of what this country has contributed to the world which is positive and inclusive. Thanks, Michael, and Happy 4th of July and August!

  4. And over at Mr Riccardi’s site referenced above one can hear the best version ever of “The Star Spangled Banner” by Mr Strong and Company.

    All pedantry dissolves in the presence of such soulfulness and beauty.

    Happy Birthday Pops!

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