“GEORGE WETTLING, ARTIST,” by HANK O’NEAL (October 27, 2017)

Although Hank O’Neal (writer, archivist, photographer, record and concert producer) and I agreed that out of a thousand people in New York City, few if any would recognize the name George Wettling, this is how the few would most likely know him:

or this 1940 side:

But how many know George as an artist?  Here’s a sketch he mailed himself:

Signed, sealed, delivered:

and what we used to call a “mash note” to his wife:

On October 27, I visited Hank at his studio and he gave me a personal and wonderful tour of George’s art world, a world that Hank has plans to document in a book.  And Hank sat patiently for my camera, which is no small graciousness.

First, how Hank came to be an unplanned rescuer and archivist of Wettling’s art, including photographs, sketches, and more:

George the photographer and his relationship with painter Stuart Davis:

and, finally, the sad but perhaps not surprising end:

I look forward to Hank’s book, and hope that others do too.

May your happiness increase!

6 responses to ““GEORGE WETTLING, ARTIST,” by HANK O’NEAL (October 27, 2017)

  1. Michael, Hank’s commentary was very interesting. As you and I know, there are a few people around who know who George Wettling was, and what he was about.
    In terms of publishing the vast amount of Wettling material Hank has, it seems to me that it would make far more sense to create a website dedicated to George Wettling, and simply add material to it on an ongoing basis. Publishing books today is expensive and exasperating, and the final published object (a book) has to be handled by many people ($$$) before it reaches the ultimate reader/owner. Websites bypass all of that, and are available directly to whomever is interested or curious.
    But if Hank insists on going the book route, please ask him to put my name on number 12.

  2. Girish Trivedi

    I have heard wetting drum away for decades. Did not know he painted too. Best wishes to him


  4. And there are a group of us who consider the Album entitled George Wettling’s jazz band the finest of its genre.

  5. Although I have other sessions I’d put at the peak, that is a very wise opinion!


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