“Chris and Chris” at the 2015 Steamboat Stomp in New Orleans. Photograph by Bess Wade.

I couldn’t make it to this year’s Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party, but my place as videographer has been filed nobly by a number of people, which is reassuring.  You can find their works on YouTube, but here is one performance so glorious that I wanted to share it with you.  The video is the work of my comrade Chris Jonsson — he’s half of the friendly team of “Chris and Chris,” the other half being Anne-Christine Persson (both snappy dressers as well who make all the hot festivals).  Chris Jonsson carries a video camera — low and unobtrusive — and has a YouTube channel called CANDCJ.

One of the highlights of the Party is the nightly jam sessions in the Victory Pub, where this year, they managed to get a small piano in, making the music even more true-to-life.  Chris captured hours of the “formal” sets, but the five selections he recorded in the Pub seem — to me, at least — even more thrilling. Here’s ONCE IN A WHILE, the Hot Five classic, played with immense energy and joy by some people I admire greatly: Kristoffer Kompen, trombone; Torstein Kubban, cornet; Lars Frank, reeds; Phil Rutherford, tuba; Jacob Ullberger, banjo; Morten Gunnar Larsen, piano.  And how fiercely they swing!

Thanks to five musicians and one gifted archivist.  And to Louis, of course.  An aside: proven morale-boosters and mood-enhancers (pick your jargon) for me are the company of people I love, caffeine, and anything associated with Louis.  I hope you feel better, too.

And a postscript.  This performance is hot enough to have ignited something, which reminded me that at the 2014 Party there was a fire in the Victory Pub, and we had to leave the hotel for a time.  The music that resulted when we returned is one of my favorite memories: you can see it here.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Michael,
    I have had the genuine pleasure of meeting both C and CJ initially at Phil Pospychala’s annual Tribute to Bix in Racine, WI and most recently at the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival in Davenport, IA. As you noted, both are easy to spot with their sporty vintage dress and I recommend to everyone that they step up and say hello and thank them for all of their uploaded videos. Like Jazz Lives they diligently strive to capture a wide variety of musical proceedings from the best available perspective for both video and audio quality. They are a dedicated duo who share the laborious operational responsibilities that generate many extended performances that make you feel as though you were there in the front row for the complete set. CANDCJ are thoughtful and generous to a fault in their sharing of the carefully edited videos and we the viewing public are clearly the benefactors. There can be no doubt that their endeavors are a labor of love as they travel thousands of miles from Sweden to the best Jazz Fests extant. I anxiously look forward to seeing them again soon but in the mean time I’ll keep visiting CANDCJ on YouTube to view their latest sojourn.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for Your very kind and ethusiastic words. That is highly encouraging, as always! We all missed You at the Whitley Bay Classic Jazz Party this year. Hope seeing you again soon. Thanks also to Chris and Anne-Christine!
    All the best,

  3. My computer is still overheating, thanks to you!

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