This blog isn’t terribly autobiographical by plan, but a little context is needed.  I’ve not been feeling well this past week — a combination platter of flu and other mysterious ailments — and it put me in a delicate state.  Loud noises, bright lights, sharp sensations all make me want to go back to my twilight bedroom and stay there for a long time.

I stumbled on to this recording, the subject of a post I did in 2014, which has biographical and medical data: Clarence Profit died at 32, so he’s perhaps not the best icon for someone sick in bed, but I think his music has its own quiet healing powers.  Music of lightness and clarity but with depths of feeling and texture below its elegant surfaces.  Open spaces and polished dark wood all at once.  BODY AND SOUL is its own little world, moving from a somber start to a playful interlude — quiet dance music — before it winds down. Tender musings: no cliches, no exhibitionism — although the subtle byplay between melody and quiet layered harmonies is exquisite.

and the reverse of this precious disc, purchased from Amoeba Music in San Francisco, with the most touching transformation from an almost-“classical” reading of Rodgers to a tenderly swinging consideration of those same notes:

I think if I take these two sides into my ears and heart every four hours, as well as keeping hydrated, I will get better.  Who knows what it will do for you?  Beauty is always curative.

Incidentally, there are other YouTube postings of this music that might (sonically) please more.  Feel free to roam: I have a fondness for this one because — said without shame — it’s mine, but you don’t have to.

May your happiness increase!

7 responses to “HEALING SOUNDS FROM DR. PROFIT (1940)

  1. The way Profit’s more or less isolated lower-register notes rings like gongs! Sheer magic. Perhaps a bit reminiscent of Hines, but he probably would have snapped at or attacked those notes instead of letting them resonate through space the way Profit does, as though he were lobbing stones into a pool and watching the ripples spread.

    BTW, do we know why Profit left us at a relatively early age?

  2. Larry, the previous blogpost (from 2014) has some pertinent information.

  3. Dan Morgenstern

    Sorry you’re not feeling well! Rest and stay hydrated and listen to Louis… and Profit, who had a short but interesting life. Did a radio show on him years ago when IJS was on BGO…kinda miss doing but wouldn’t want to go to Newark a lot. Speedy recovery! Cheers Dan


  4. Ida Melrose Shoufler

    I agree with Mr Morgerstern,,Take his advice, which I’m sure is given lovingly, as is mine. I haven’t seemed to be able to shake whatever is ailing me, but I agree with you, dear Michael, I think the music of Clarence Profit has it’s own healing powers, Very nice. Thank you so much nephew!

  5. Don"Zoot" Conner

    Relaxed swing from Mr.Profit-very nice.Hope you’re feeling better,Michael.

  6. KBO, Michael – as the immortal (in spirit) Winston used to say…in the spotlight at the moment after Gary Oldman’s cinematic tour de force in “Darkest Hour”. Incidentally I was born in England just after that time. Unaccountably things improved thenceforward!

  7. just beautiful-thanks for sharing. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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