Daily Archives: January 31, 2018


While you were sleeping, or doing the dinner dishes, supervising the kids’ homework, or taking Charlie for his walk, pianist Andrew Oliver and clarinetist David  Horniblow were creating beauty and open-heartedly giving it to us.

Here is what you need to know about the Complete Morton Project, a weekly series of gifts — Mister Morton’s compositions played imaginatively with emotion by Messrs. Horniblow and Oliver.

Here is my most recent posting on this delightful subject.  I will let you discover more for yourselves.

MAMA’NITA, a sinuous Creole dance:

TURTLE TWIST, another hip-swinging exercise in bluesiness:

I have a hard time adequately putting into words my admiration for these two players.  Their music is immaculate but soulfully warm, and they are doing it for the greater glory of the music, not asking for money or purchases or attendance at a gig.  They are showing love for the music and sharing it with us — quite beautifully remarkable in this self-absorbed century.

And that’s Charlie.  He’s not my dog (nor am I his human) but he is adorable and very well-trained: he sits silent while the Wilbur Sweatman record plays and only barks once at the conclusion, Doglish for “Please play that again!”  A model for us all.

May your happiness increase!