Daily Archives: February 10, 2018


Those generous authentic swinging gents — David Horniblow, reeds; Andrew Oliver, piano — are back to give us some more Morton, in what they have (generously and reliably) created, the Complete Morton Project, a weekly series of gifts — Mister Morton’s compositions played imaginatively, with emotion.  And here is this week’s delightful offering: BIG FAT HAM and DEEP CREEK.

The eponymous HAM — named in honor or in satire?  Perhaps a dream of dinner:

and, with David on alto, the yearning blues DEEP CREEK:

You can keep up with David and Andrew here (their YouTube channel) or here (Andrew’s blog — which has his performance schedule as well).  Or, I’ve chronicled their four earlier offerings on JAZZ LIVES here.  Andrew and David also have lives away from the video camera: you can find out with a minimum of effort where they will be playing, in duet or as members of a goodly number of bands.

I hope there are many people applauding their expertise and generosities.  How fresh and lively Morton’s music sounds — not a hint of the dusty archives — reminding me once again how dashing it must have been in its time, and, now, when played by Oliver-Horniblow, how much dazzle it has.

May your happiness increase!