Student: “Professor, I’ve fallen behind in my work.  I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the Complete Morton Project, the weekly series of performances by David Horniblow, reeds, and Andrew Oliver, piano.”

Professor: “I understand.  Just be sure to watch, listen, and marvel.”

Student: “Thank you, Professor.  May the Stomp be with you.”

Professor: “You too.”

Here’s FRANCES, so sprightly because the demeaning adjective has vanished:

Something more pensive, COURTHOUSE BUMP.  The law can make one that way:

and, going back a week, OIL WELL, Jelly’s mocking nickname for Harrison Smith, who dreamed he would make his fortune in petroleum:

and finally, SIDEWALK BLUES, shorn of its comic trappings:

Thank you, Andrew, David, and of course, Mister Jelly Roll.  By now, my astute readers have already subscribed to the Complete Morton Project’s YouTube channel.  And here is my most recent post, with details of Andrew’s blog, the Vitality Five’s new e-78, and more healing jive, something I don’t take lightly these days.  Nor should you.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Chris Ludowyk

    Dear Michael,

    I love your ‘Jazz Lives’ posts – they are all right up my alley and I have had the privilege of meeting and jamming with some of their alumni – John-Erik, Dan Barrett, Duke Heitger Evan Christopher etc., both at European jazz festivals or when they were part of the Bob Barnard Jazz Parties organised by my good friend (and brother-in-law of the trumpeter in my jazz septet – ‘The Syncopators’), John Trudinger.

    I have just mailed a copy of our most recent CD ( The Pearls) plus a couple of our other ones to you. I would be most grateful if you could recommend whom I could contact in the USA for a review (not excluding your good self).

    Also I would be grateful for a few tips on bringing the Syncopators to some of the Jazz Festivals and Jazz Parties in the U.S. and the contact details of whom to approach. We have made 17 tours to Europe and played at most of the major International Jazz Festivals over there. It seemed easier to organise a 4 or 5 week financially viable tour in Europe as all the Festivals are in their Summertime. Maybe a smaller tour to the US, accompanied by a successful Australian Arts Council grant would be the way to get a foot in the door.

    The Syncopators is an organised and rehearsed jazz band in which I play trombone. I also play bass with “Stevenson’s Rockets”, a quartet with a 20 year residency on Sunday evenings. Good friend Michael McQuade used to drop in for a sit-in frequently before he went to the UK.

    Really looking forward to your reply and keep up the great work.

    Kind regards

    Chris Ludowyk

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