Exhibit A:

The eBay seller reports:

Louis Armstrong performed in Ludington, Michigan on July 24, 1962. My husband and then girlfriend went to the concert. Satchmo signed my husband’s hanky and his girlfriend’s under-slip. The hanky has never been washed and is a bit yellowed as you can see. Newspaper article is included as proof.

Here is the link: ten  bids so far.

What I want to know is what became of the “then girlfriend” and the young man whose handkerchief it was.  And is the seller now his widow?  A short story, barely submerged, exists.

Where’s the under-slip?  I have the mental picture of Louis autographing that.

And for the Corrections Officials: no, it’s not one of Louis’ handkerchiefs.  But it is as close as we have gotten so far.  The signature looks authentic, and the green pen adds seriousness to the enterprise.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Thomas Holbrook

    Ludington, MI! That’s not the Big Easy or the Big Apple. And there will never be another one like Satchmo.


  2. Dan Morgenstern

    I wanna know what an underslip Is. Never heard of it. Ben Pollack recorded “Keep Your Undershirt On”, maybe should adjust so girl singers could do….


  3. Patti Durham

    Hello Michael – I think ‘petticoat’ is a sweeter word than ‘under-slip’ – just saying!

  4. jazzfoodreader

    Hi Dan, I think an “underslip” is simply a “slip”. The young lady may have had to show a little knee, but I think one could have a slip autographed and keep it on at the same time. Pops was creative. One of Michael’s mottos is “What would Louis do?” FYI, Ludington is a lovely place. It’s where the ferry comes in from Wisconsin! The beaches are beautiful.

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