If you don’t know who CHARLES is, you might want to catch up here.  I thought his beneficence had limits but happily I was wrong.  Yesterday, this note arrived, with musical treats attached.

Dear Michael,

Just a word to say how pleased I was you used my videos of Kim and Andy on JAZZ LIVES.  Makes me feel like chucking my job and videoing full-time.  You’ll have to let me in on your financial secrets.  Ha! 

But here are a few more I shot — hope they are OK.  The room got noisier, but I bet the Lincoln Gardens wasn’t silent either — although I doubt that there were loud kids in the joint.

With every good wish and looking forward to our NYC rendez-vous,


Friends of Fats:

and James P, too:

Quiet, now:

This one’s got some Bix-chords:

and the first half of the Official Carmen Lombardo Tribute:

Carmen wrote some wonderful tunes:

What a nice surprise.

May your happiness increase!

6 responses to “CHARLES IN CHICAGO (Part Two, Spring 2018): KIM CUSACK and ANDY SCHUMM at the HONKY TONK BBQ

  1. not sure about your piano embouchure Andy, you’ll have to work on it.
    It has to be firm enough to blow a note down

  2. Andy plays piano better than some people who claim it as a profession, Carl. Comedy or criticism?

  3. Andy is one of the finest Jazz pianists I have ever heard. He is a world-class musician on ALL of his instruments!

  4. Don"Zoot" Conner

    Thank you and Charles for posting these Kim and Andy again.I’m always amazed at Andy’s versatility,first time i’d heard him on piano.To digress a bit,one of your recommendations arrived yesterday,to wit,Daryl Sherman’s Audiophile side with a fine group heading with Jon-Erik Kellso on trumpet.Love the album,Michael.Thanks for the heads-up.Haven’t heard anything from her since she lost her hotel gig in the apple.

  5. Ida Melrose Shoufler

    This is the first time I;ve heard Andy on the piano. His versatility amazes me! He is a great musician from the word go!! I have been listening to Kim for many years..Why do I keep listening? Because he is one of the finest musicians I’ve heard. He gives that clarinet his best, and that’s what we hear,,The best!!! Thank you Nephew Michael.

  6. Charles, do you know how I can contact Kim Cusack? I’m a great fan musically and otherwise, having known him in the 50s when we played in several bands together…thanks, warm wishes, Bill Tomicki

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