His limitless world.

Photograph courtesy of the Louis Armstrong House Museum

I thought I would — to celebrate Louis’ birthday (no arguing, now) — post my own very idiosyncratic survey of recordings I have loved for decades.

TOO BUSY, June 26, 1928 (Lille Delk Christian, Jimmie Noone, Earl Hines, Mancy Carr):

RED CAP, July 2, 1937 (Shelton Hemphill, Louis Bacon, Henry “Red” Allen, George Matthews, George Washington, J.C. Higginbotham, Pete Clarke, Charlie Holmes, Albert Nicholas, Bingie Madison, Luis Russell, Lee Blair, Pops Foster,  Paul Barbarin, Chappie Willett):

TRUE CONFESSION, January 13, 1938 (J.C. Higginbotham, Charlie Holmes, Bingie Madison, Luis Russell, Lee Blair, Pops Foster, Paul Barbarin):

IN THE GLOAMING, March 10, 1941 (George Washington, Prince Robinson, Luis Russell, Lawrence Lucie, Johnny Williams, Sidney Catlett):

I WANT A LITTLE GIRL, September 6, 1946 (Vic Dickenson, Barney Bigard, Charlie Beal, Allan Reuss, Red Callendar, Zutty Singleton):

JEANNINE, I DREAM OF LILAC TIME, November 28, 1951 (Gordon Jenkins, Charles Gifford, George Thow, Bruce Hudson, Eddie Miller, Dent Eckels, Charles LaVere, Allan Reuss, Phil Stephens, Nick Fatool):

HOME, August 14, 1957 (Russell Garcia):

CABARET, August 25, 1966 (Robert Mersey, Buster Bailey, Tyree Glenn, Marty Napoleon, Bobby Domenick, Buddy Catlett, Danny Barcelona):

When I try to imagine a universe without Louis, I cannot.  And I don’t want to.

May your happiness increase!

5 responses to “EIGHT FOR THE FOURTH (July 4, 2018)

  1. Yesterday I receieve a CD from the Ambassador label, today I discuss Pops recording of What is this thing called swing with some people in the net, tomorrow comes…. Everyday is Louis-Day! Thanks for the Birthday cake and your personal favorites.


  2. Brilliant Michael – no better salve for these tumultuous times. I always look forward to every one of your postings, but this one brought the biggest smile to my face. Of COURSE this is Pops’ birthday! Only three notes in on any of those splendid recordings and we know who is bringing joy to the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Ida Melrose Shoufler

    Thank you so much nephew! Listening to these songs by the great Louis is something else!!! No one like him,,ever!! In The Gloaming was my Grandma Melrose’s favorite song, so listening to it here was a double treat for me!!

  4. Dan Morgenstern

    Good timing! Love these though many diss the Gordon Jenkins touch. While not my fave it served Louis well. Jeanine is special, love the vocal. Home I don’t think I ever had though certainly did the late Deccas. His chops are low but the singing is wonderful and his trumpet after that is stronger. So thanks for that surprise ! See you anon, Dan PS remind me to ask you about commas… a non jazz topic…


  5. “Too Busy” I do not recall ever hearing before. His obligati and vocal entrance is astonishing, an act of musical alchemy and levitation.

    Happy Birthday Pops!

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