Perry Como, 1944:

You didn’t expect to see him on JAZZ LIVES, but he deserves the attention.  People of my generation will remember him as a completely relaxed television presence, wearing a sweater before Fred Rogers, comfortable and warm.  As a young singer, he did his own very convincing version of Bing, which is not something I would chastise him for.  Here’s an early vocal on a Ted Weems record — to complete the Bing-ness, there’s whistling by Elmo Tanner:

But this blogpost isn’t a return to the fairly sweet sounds of yesteryear.  When I visited Dan Morgenstern last June, I think we’d planned to talk about a variety of jazz notables . . . but I’ve learned to start the camera and trust the teller.

What Dan recalled is, to me, memorable: it says, “There ARE righteous people”:

One of the righteous is Dan himself.  But you knew that.

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to ““JUST LIKE THAT!” DAN MORGENSTERN TELLS A TALE (June 8, 2018)

  1. Don "Zoot' Conner

    When you mentioned Elmo Tanner I was sure you were going play HEARTACHES Wrong again.

  2. Zoot, of all the assumptions you could make about me. . . . I thought we was Friends!

  3. Girish Trivedi



    Perry Como is one of my favorit singers; Sinatra my main man (they broke the mold) followed by Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers (not necessarily in that order.



    Mumbai, India

  4. Rebecca Kilgore

    Very endearing story. Thank you, Becky


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