First, and most striking, even though the disc is in G+ condition.

Here’s another photograph — less sharp but closer in:

The eBay link is here, should you want to spend $799.00 on it outright or start bidding.  Or, you could buy this disc for just under $25 (the seller says it’s in V condition, but as we know such things are terribly subjective:

I’m not proposing any criminal acts, but you’d have a great deal of money left over for a pen and white ink at your local crafts store. Or you could listen to Billie sing NIGHT AND DAY for free:

And if your optimism is threatening to overpower your life, GLOOMY SUNDAY may be just the thing to offset it with darkness:

But hearing Billie and seeing a holy relic should not be gloomy.

May your happiness increase!

2 responses to “BILLIE, SEVERAL TIMES

  1. Dan Morgenstern

    Billie autographs not so uncommon so a bit overpriced and would want to compare with authentic of which IJS has several. Gloomy , aka Tke Hungarian Suicide Song was barred by some radio outlets. Never liked it and she didn’t place in her rep. Night is another story and dig Joe Sullivan’s superb comping, as on reverse, Man I Love, with Lester at his dreepest and my intro to what improv really means.


  2. I had this record. But I don’t remember what was on the other side.

    I put this comment in my “COMPLETE BILLIE HOLLIDAY DISCOGRAPHY”:

    This song was banned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, marked: “THIS RECORD IS NOT TO BE BROADCAST”. (As was “God Bless the Child” in 1942.)
    When the Hungarian song, “Szomor? Vasarnap”, was introduced in 1936, some listeners did commit suicide. It reached the US in 1941 via Paul Robeson and then a best-selling record by Billie Holiday. Because of lines like “My heart and I have decided to end it all”, the song was banned by the BBC on grounds of “bad taste”. The ban was still in force in 1964. Perhaps just as well as four years later, its composer, Rezsoe Seres, killed himself by jumping from a hotel window.
    (Spencer Leigh in his ‘Fantastic Voyage FVTD018’ 2009 album: “THIS RECORD IS NOT TO BE BROADCAST”)

    Kind regards

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