The Imaginary Love Object can be stunning from coif to pedicure, but if I were to ask her, “Darling, would you like a book for your birthday?” and the answer was, “Oh, honey, no. I already have a book,” we wouldn’t get far.  It’s not snobbery, but the pleasure in literacy, in following the story.

So I was delighted by Keenan McKenzie’s song, “WELL-READ BABY” when I first heard it on his 2017 CD, and I am delighted by it now.  The participants work together beautifully, and even though I know there is a certain artifice in remote recording, the pleasure of seeing everyone’s face (and several bookshelves!) is considerable.

Laura Windley in one of her many lives.

Here is a delightful new remote musical extravaganza by Keenan McKenzie and the Riffers, “My Well-Read Baby,” music and lyrics by the erudite and witty Mr. McKenzie.  The participants in this swinging book group are Josh Collazo, drums; Annie Erbsen, guitar; Lynn Grissett, trumpet; Haruka Kikuchi, trombone; William MoBetta Ledbetter, string bass; Keenan McKenzie, clarinet; Mark Wells, piano; Laura Windley, vocal.  The song — with splendidly hilarious lyrics — was first presented to us on the 2017 CD, FORGED IN RHYTHM, by Keenan and the Riffers.

You could subscribe to Keenan’s YouTube channel — much easier than finishing that Thomas Pynchon novel — and hear some of his other creations.  A favorite of mine:

As to Laura and the other literate men and women: you know how to follow them on Facebook, idolize them on Instagram, blaze a trail to Bandcamp, wrap yourself in their websites, and so on.  Their music will make you feel better even if you feel splendid already.  Now, go off and find someone to Socra-tease.

May your happiness increase!


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