1. What a terrific post …. and I am thrilled that the pictures found such a good home.

  2. When the skies clear, and you visit New York, you and Barbara must come over!

  3. Dan Morgenstern

    Oh Boy!! What a bonanza! Many many thanks from someone who was blessed to see Sid many times and get to know him a wee bit. The playing photos are great but the portrait with the hat is a treasure, best of the great man ever seen by me. A Yom Kippur blessing!


  4. Ida Melrose Shoufler

    These recordings made in the 30’s and 40’s are still so relevant today. The musicians that these inspired are the musicians of today! I enjoyed this post so much,,Thank you Nephew Michael

  5. Happy New Year to you, too, Dan! A few doors down from me the pious are repenting; I was acknowledging the divinity of Mr. Catlett. Each in his own way!

  6. I certainly miss him even though he died a year before I was born. I am glad the photos are in appreciative hands.

  7. What a wonderful ebay find! I’m glad they ended up with you. The other photos are treasures, too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Let us not forget he played his last gig with Bob Wilber’s band at George Wein’s Storeville in Boston!!!!!Bob worshipped him -Amen!

  9. Interestingly we both loved Chu’s playing. Bob wrote a tune to him & named his favorite tenor ‘Big Chu’ it was indeed!!! Such memories, so many years 24/7-never boring!!

  10. Ken Mathieson

    The sequence of drum solo shots might be from his Steak Face solo routine which starts with mallets and switches to sticks for the climax. Whatever, it’s a fantastic series of action shots of that most musical drummer. Thank you!

  11. Is this Ken from Concorde Club????If so Hello & thank you for all your hospitality-always a great welcome!.Pug

  12. Ken Mathieson

    Hi Pug, I’ve just stumbled on your post a mere 14 months later! I’m afraid you’ve got your “Jazz Mathiesons” mixed up. I’m not Cole of the Concorde Club (although we’ve spoken many times on the phone), I’m Ken the Glasgow drummer who backed you, Bob and Lars Erstrand at the Black Bull Jazz Club in Milngavie (near Glasgow) back in 1982. I also hung out with Bob many times at the Nairn and Edinburgh Jazz Festivals when we were both working there on different schedules. We talked a lot about Big Sid on those occasions, especially if Jake Hanna was in the conversations too. Happy Days! I hope you’re well. Stay safe!

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