Photograph by Jack Bradley, 1969

I choose this music for Election Day.  Find solace.  Find hope.

A more powerful spiritual tincture:

Join me in my musical prayer for peace.

4 responses to “MUSIC FOR TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020

  1. Thanking you!

    “Space is not empty… [it’s] the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves.” –David Bohm, Physicist Ms. Morgan Thomas ©Scatterbrained ©ArtActs ©Degrees of Freedom San Rafeal, CA 94903-2702 707.346.1313

  2. Duke Seidmann

    Thank you Michael
    What an encouraging way to start today’s work. Something many of us in Europe simply can’t understand – how can a nation become so divided when it originated Louis, Fats, Coleman, Lester, Zoot, Ella, Guarnieri, Condon, Dizzy, Benny C. and Benny G., Cleanhead, The Judge, Mary Lou, Bechet, Tea, B.B., Basie, Broonzy and The Duke….. You’ve got everything that it takes to bring people together, not apart! God bless your wonderful country on this crucial day!
    Swisskrissly yours

  3. Knut Hofft Kierulf

    Dear Michael S.
    I join your prayers with all my heart.
    Knut Kierulf, Trondheim, Norway

  4. Petra van Nuis

    A great American in every way! May we all aspire to this!

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