Happy 92nd birthday, Eminent Dan Morgenstern, friend of Louis, George Wein, Hot Lips Page, two hundred others, and deep friend of the music. I’ve been privileged to bring my camera to Dan’s Upper West Side apartment and stand back while the magic — insights, memories, stories, and affection — unfolds. Here are a few of his conversations about his and our heroes, with more to come.

Lester Willis Young:

Lester, George Holmes Tate, and Eugene Ramey:

Stanley Getz:

Bernard Rich:

I will share a few others tomorrow — names you will recognize — and also some interviews you haven’t tuned in on yet.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Ken Mathieson

    Happy Birthday, indeed, to Dan and many of them! If you haven’t already got him to talk about Big Sid Catlett, would you put it on your list for future interviews please? Dan must be one of a very small number of people left who actually saw Sid play and may well have talked with him. I know Max Roach had a stack of great anecdotes about Sid, but when I spoke with him in Glasgow about 25 years ago, Max was writing his own autobiography at the time and was saving all his Sid stuff for that. However the book never got finished and all Max’s papers are in archive somewhere, possibly Rutgers or the Smithsonian, just waiting for someone to study them and write an authoritative biography of Max from primary source material.

  2. Dear Ken, we talked about Sidney very early in our series: https://youtu.be/5il5PWpL0qk

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