Scott Robinson at The Ear Inn

When I first thought of creating a jazz blog in February 2008, I rejected titles others suggested in favor of JAZZ LIVES, with an intentional double meaning: “lives” in the sense of ongoing biographies, a rolling chronicle, and “lives” as an affirmation of the living, vibrant art form rather than worshipful archaeology.

That second meaning has felt particularly important in the last ten days, when I’ve written elegiacally of Murray Wall and Butch Thompson, heroes who moved on to other neighborhoods. I feel pained and mournful, and those words barely express the emotions.

But jazz lives . . . at The Ear Inn (326 Spring Street, New York City) and other places. Here is the flexible energized lyrical quartet known as The EarRegulars in their July 31, 2022 incarnation: Danny Tobias, trumpet; Chris Flory, guitar; Scott Robinson, tenor saxophone and alto clarinet; Pat O’Leary, string bass, approaching the Rodgers and Hart love-ballad in the best swinging way.

And as for the talkers in the audience: pity them for their self-absorption, don’t waste energy berating a video-recording.

There will be more to share from this enchanted evening: compositions by Sidney Bechet and Bud Freeman . . . so stay tuned. And search out “live jazz” beyond this and other lit screens, please do. If no one’s told you recently, a tangible audience is this art form’s oxygen.

May your happiness increase!

One response to ““BLUE MOON”: DANNY TOBIAS, CHRIS FLORY, SCOTT ROBINSON, PAT O’LEARY at The Ear Inn (July 31, 2022).

  1. Jeffrey MacMillan

    Thank you Michael this is magic!

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