If you travel in certain circles, you’ll hear a good deal of serious talk about :authenticity,” “ownership,” and “cultural appropriation.” These scuffles bore me and make me happy that I have escaped academia.

But here are ninety precious of film and music by someone I can’t get enough of — Jack Teagarden — from a film I’d never heard of, unearthed by archivist-sleuth extraordinaire Franz Hoffmann. The 1944 film, possibly less regarded than Citizen Kane, has three names: TWILIGHT ON THE PRAIRIE, SONG OF THE PRAIRIE, and PRAIRIE BUCKAROOS. I doubt that the screenwriters aimed too high, but Jack’s blues — lyric he first recorded in 1928 or 9, are classic. As is his trombone mastery:

Born in Vernon, Texas, he certainly had a right to those lyrics.

I never saw him in person, yet I miss him terribly. You understand why.

May your happiness increase!

2 responses to “BORN IN TEXAS

  1. I would like to appropriate some of that Blues feel…minus, preferably, the leather chaps.

  2. Mary Ann Prima


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