THIS JUST IN. The regularly scheduled evening gigs (8-11 PM) and afternoon delights (4-6 PM) will be recorded on both days. It will all be open to the public.

On January 15th, the band will be Jon-Erik Kellso, Matt Munisteri, John Allred, Pat O’Leary and guests Chris Flory and Scott Robinson.

On January 29th, Kellso, Munisteri, Allred, Neal Miner, and guests Jay Rattman, Scott Robinson, and Evan Christopher.

And I am sure there will be many other good surprises.

Great news from JAZZ LIVES’ hero Jon-Erik Kellso:

We’re going to make a “Live at the Ear” CD for Arbors Records on Sundays, January 15th and 29th, and I really hope you can attend!

We’re going to record the regularly scheduled evening gigs, and also mid/late afternoon sessions there on those days, open to the public, and we hope to pack as many of our friends in there to create the best listening atmosphere.

John Allred, trombone; Scott Robinson, reeds and brass; Matt Munisteri, guitar; Pat O’Leary, string bass, will be on the 15th.

John Allred, Matt Munisteri, and Neal Miner, string bass, will be on the 29th.

And we expect a few of our other favorites as special guests.

Here’s why this is exciting news.






The Ear Inn, the oldest still-active bar in New York City, is at 326 Spring Street. The EarRegulars, a small mobile shape-changing group of players les by Jon-Erik Kellso, has been in attendance every Sunday night — time off for holidays and pandemics — since July 2007. I was there on the second Sunday (Jon-Erik, Howard Alden, guitar; Frank Tate, string bass) and have been a happy visitor ever since, bringing a video camera along in 2009.

The group — often trumpet, a horn player, guitar, string bass — has usually begun the evening session as a quartet, but has expanded to thirteen players on one memorable occasion.

TIGER RAG (in two parts, 2011):

and the tip of the tiger’s tail as it curled around the building:

The Sunday sessions at the Ear have provided some of the most intimate thoughtful music I’ve ever heard, and some of the most exuberant jamming. So I have been hoping for a formal recording since the start, and Arbors Records has the experience and expertise (thank you, Rachel Domber) to make the result a wonder.

But musicians thrive on an appreciative audience. So I hope you can attend these sessions. Details above! Mark your calendars.

May your happiness increase!

7 responses to “NOW! WITH UPDATES! MEET ME AT THE EAR INN: JANUARY 15 and 29, 2023

  1. Woah! Kellso, Munisteri, and everyone that joins them must be a real treat to the listener! Nice people! I first discovered them here

    trying to look after versions of this song, which I have in an old Bell 472 78rpm recording by Arthur Fields.

  2. Hi Michael, Do you know when the afternoon session on Sunday, Jan. 15 for the “Live at the Ear” CD will take place? My wife and I would love to be part of the audience for that special performance. Thanks very much. Robert Lobe

  3. 4 to 6 PM, I’m told!

  4. Thank you, Michael, for the info. And for Jazz Lives, which has given me so much pleasure over the years.

  5. And thank you. You and your friendly colleagues are the reason I will continue! My best to you and your wife.

  6. You do the liner notes!

  7. IF asked. There are some very fine writers in the EarRegulars: Jon-Erik and Matt wrote much of the prose for BLUE ROOF BLUES.

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