Perhaps because I am both nearsighted and fallible, “I MAY BE WRONG (But I think You’re Wonderful)” is a favorite song of mine — written by Henry Sullivan (music) and Harry Riskin (lyrics) no matter what the cover states. The lyrics only make sense if one realizes that the singer is seriously myopic. Here’s the verse:

A delightful November 929 recording (the song was a duet in the original presentation) thanks to the splendidly musical Peter Mintun:

and here is my favorite instrumental version, with decades of playing this track on the “Swingville All-Stars” session on the Prestige-Swingville label. (Coleman Hawkins, Joe Newman, J.C. Higginbotham, Jimmy Hamilton, and Claude Hopkins were on another session, which is why Hawk is credited here.)

The band is a gathering of gentle idiosyncratic deities, each singing his own song: Joe Thomas, trumpet; Vic Dickenson, trombone; Pee Wee Russell, clarinet; Al Sears, Buddy Tate, tenor saxophone; Cliff Jackson, piano; Danny Barker, guitar; Joe Benjamin, string bass; J.C. Heard. drums. New York, May 19, 1961:

I think these performances are wonderful, and in this I don’t think I’m wrong.

My gratitude to Peter Mintun and to Michael Burgevin, who introduced me to Joe Thomas.

May your happiness increase!

3 responses to “CONSULT YOUR OCULIST (1929, 1961)

  1. Thank you Guys,

    As I recall there is a good version of this song by Harry James and Doris Day from the 1950’s movie titled “Young Man with a Horn”, the US title being a trifle suggestive for Australian audiences was titled here ‘A young Man of Music’ and where I travelled around Brisbane many timed to see/hear it.

    On my many visits to AJS weekends at Chautauqua ? including the 2001 weekend I was able to obtain a CD with its original title.

    What great weekends they were, vale Joe Broughton.

    Alan Webster


  2. can’t play the 2nd one. video unavailable

  3. There are several versions of this performance on YouTube: I am sure one will work for you.

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