Daily Archives: March 14, 2023


This photograph is for sale for four thousand dollars on eBay, but you can inspect it here for free. And you should.

and the back:

The signatures are authentic, circa 1949. I would also love to have that suit in my size, complete with fountain pen in the breast pocket.

From still pictures to moving pictures: two excerpts from a May 24, 2019 conversation I had with our Jazz Eminence, Dan Morgenstern. In the first excerpt, I said to Dan that I was “going to throw him a curveball,” but asking Dan about Louis Armstrong was sure to result in a home run:

Then our conversation, punctuated by street drama, led to Louis’ Decca recordings:

From moving pictures to moving music: two selections from the Decca period. First, the tender IN THE GLOAMING:

The ferociously rocking WOLVERINE BLUES:

Thank you, eBay; thank you, Dan; thank you, Louis!

May your happiness increase!