At a jazz gig in New York City or elsewhere, I’m usually wearing a Hawaiian shirt (I favor large blossoms) and I have a videocamera either up to my face or within reach.  There’s a notebook and a pen. Often there’s food near me: video archiving is hungry work; less often, intoxicating beverages.  Yawning and videoing don’t mix.

My email address is  My friends call me Michael; more formal types call me Mr. Steinman.  If you’re a promoter of “jazz” and you’d like me to review your artist’s new CD or related endeavors, please look at a few posts on this blog, so the effort of contacting me hasn’t been wasted.  And I am serious.  Publicists are doing a job they are paid for, I hope, and I will assume they are serious people, devoted to their art.  But if you are promoting someone “smooth,” someone “genre-bending electronica and house,” we are not a good fit.  Here’s a test.  Who’s Lester Young?  Who’s Louis Armstrong?  Who were the members of the Count Basie rhythm section?  I know that I am leaving out my living heroes who make this music, but I didn’t want to make one friend a test question and hurt someone’s feelings by omission.  And when you write to me, it’s old-fashioned, but I prefer the personal approach rather than “Hey!”

In November 2011, I made the metaphorical leap to Facebook, where I post JAZZ LIVES simultaneously: you can find it or me there at  (Update: I got seriously hacked or is it spammed or scammed in May 2023, so I am withdrawing from Facebook.  I may be back, but I don’t know.)

And . . . as if all that media display wasn’t enough, the videos I post here also appear on YouTube on the swingyoucats channel.  I am very proud of those videos and the posterity they give great artists, and in 2023 I learned that my videos had gotten 15 million views, which delights me.  I wish I could pay the artists directly, but I can only do so by puting money in the tip jar and buying their CDs.


33 responses to “FIND ME!

  1. Mr. Schumm: I need your address in order to send you a contract. Helen Huber

  2. Hi, Michael,
    Did you ever get my little video with Sinne Eeg singing Lisa Freeman-Nielsen’s ‘Moonbeam’?
    And if you did, what will your comment be to that voice (and the accompaniment)?

  3. – and to Lisa’s lyrics, of course.

  4. I must have gotten it — not your fault — and it slid to the bottom of the pile of Things I Must Do. I apologize! Would you resend and I hope to do better this time? Cheers, MS

  5. Hi Michael,
    I’m a subscriber to your blog to keep up with the music scene in NYC and old pals there. My band has a new CD out on Lake Records with Duke Heitger as featured guest playing music asociated with Louis Armstrong. It was released world-wide today (16 Sept 2010) and will be available in USA. If you send me a postal address, I’ll mail you a copy. It’s been getting great advance reviews from the UK press and I’m sure you’ll like it as it’s an affectionate survey of some of Armstrong’s music in new arrangements, but with lots of references to his recordings.

    Here a re a couple of links to reviews:
    From the Glasgow Herald:…/ken-mathieson-s-classic-jazz-orchestra-with-duke-heitger-celebrating-satchmo-lake-1.1053081

    From The Scotsman:

    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Ken Mathieson

  6. Hi There,

    I am the late Barney Bigard’s grandaughter. I was searching for relatives and came across this site. Good for you! Keep Jazz alive.

  7. I’m only one of many people who admired your grandfather and saw him play (at close range, in New York City in 1972): his sound keeps jazz alive — I’m only doing a small non-playing bit. Happy to know that you’re reading, Kim! Cheers from Michael

  8. Dr. Walter carr

    Just discovered your website and enjoyed exploring your many blogs

  9. I’m the daughter of the late Chicago tenor saxophonist, Franz Jackson. I found your site while doing a search on autographs (I also posted a comment on the thread about Art Tatum’s Chattel Mortgage).

    I’m happy to see your commitment to keeping jazz alive – it’s my mission as well to keep people aware of my father and his music in particular, and of jazz in general.

    I’d love to correspond with you via email regarding any information you might be able to contribute as I work toward writing a book about my father’s contribution to the landscape of Chicago jazz.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Forgot to mention that my father is on clarinet in the picture above. Interesting coincidence!

  11. As A super JAZZ LOVER . I happened to locate your BLOG- w/ photo by Josh Rushton. my childhood best friend. I hope I can find him thru you….

  12. Hi Michael:

    Just to let you know that my “Tribute to Jack Teagarden” website now resides at Joe Teagarden’s place and the link is:

    So you can update the link on your blog.

    Always enjoy your blog

    Michael in Australia

  13. Bonjour,
    j’ ai entendu parler de vous au Jazz In Marciac (plus grand festival en France), ou nous passons régulièrement depuis plusieurs années, avec une formation new orleans. et un big band (11 musiciens + tuba)+ tap dance. Nous serions intéressés pour nous produire chez vous, selon peut-être une politique d’ échange…notre lien :

  14. i have just returned from the bix jazz festival,in davenport.i have just put about twenty two hours of video on you tube….see it at jazzmanjoe1………….jazzman joe presents the bix jazz festival 2011

    enjoy………..jazzman joe

  15. I stumbled on your blog quite by accident today after hearing Daryl Sherman on Michael Bourne’s “Singers Unlimited” on WBGO. I just released a CD, and a track from it was an “MP3 of the Day” this past Friday on I would love for you to give a listen and I’ll be happy to send you a CD if you are interested.
    Best, Janet

  16. Great blog!

    The Joel Zelnik Trio will be appearing at The Puffin Cultural Forum on Saturday, October 27, at 8:00 PM with the program, “My Bill Evans –A Personal Conversation”. This timely program is based on the dialogues between Joel Zelnik and Bill Evans at the “Village Gate” during the mid-1960’s. The Puffin is located at 20 Puffin Way, in Teaneck, NJ. Telephone: 201-836-3400. Admission is a $10 donation.

    Joel had the great fortune of playing at the Top of the Gate in NYC during the mid 60’s, on Monday nights. It was on these Mondays that he split sets with the Bill Evans Trio, and his greatness has stayed with Joel right up to the present. Bill said to Joel,”as a musician, it’s not what you play, but how you play it.” Joel has lived that in his own piano playing no matter what style or circumstance.

    Evans, was a 7 time Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and acknowledged to be the most important innovator of Jazz Piano in the late 20th century. Bill conveyed to Joel a great sense of humor, laughing about their mutual experiences in New Jersey, where they grew up. He was, and is, all that represents timeless art.

    Please visit my website for pictures, bio, music, press and more:

  17. Hey Mr. Steinman,

    First off, let me say thank you for uploading all these videos. I listen to your channel everyday. I know you see music all the time, but if you ever find yourself out and about in the UWS on Thursday night, I lead a small session (sort of like Sunday’s at the Ear) at Lura’s. We go from 9-midnight. It would be great to meet you and buy you a drink for all your efforts, of which I am immeasurably thankful for.

  18. Hey Mr.Steinman,

    Thanks for uploading these awesome videos on your website. They are truly amazing. I wanted to know what instruments do you play
    You can see my page at I just started a website like 3 days ago, but I want to here you comments about it.
    Thanks again


  19. I can’t say that I play any instrument well enough to deserve mention, although they are visible in my living room. Good luck on the blog!

  20. Found you via a Google search. Sent you a friend request on Facebook. I am Treathyl Fox aka cmoneyspinner. Great blog!

  21. Michael,

    At the bottom of the page I accidentally hit the unsubscribe button instead of the link to the site. I just resubscribed. Great piece about the Dixie Twist. Now I can go listen. Loved the Barbara Dane stuff too.

    Cheers, Henry

  22. Hey Michael,
    I really like your blog! I am a huge fan of jazz which is something you don’t normally see, especially for a 13 year old like me. You blog inspired me to write my own! Its called:
    Its a work in progress…but I hope you like it!
    Thanks for reading this if you did!

  23. geoffrey Wheeler

    Happened upon your blog with photos of Jo Jones and Dave Tough. Interesting how Jones used a very deep snare at that time and had sheet music on his (also large) bass drum Tough always kept his snare at quite a slant, whereas bop drummers kept the snare flat. I have a Gretsch Max Roach snare drum which I bought from Jack’s Drum Shop in Boston in the Spring of 1954. It is 4.5 inches deep. During the 1920s, there were snare drums as thin as 3 inches deep. I attended the 1953 Goodman-Armstrong concert in Boston Symphony Hall. From what I remember of the Hall, I don’t believe the photo you show of Helen Ward and the band was taken there. I saved a program from the concert, but for years have not been able to find it. I attended my first jazz concert in 1947 (Louis Armstrong at Boston Symphony Hall). I was 11 at the time and went by myself. Loved Sid Catlett; disliked Velma Middleton!


  25. alancooperremembered

    Trying to do my bit to Keep Jazz Alive over in England, mainly with my Alan Cooper Remembered website. But my efforts are paltry compared with the range, enthusiasm and breadth of experience and knowledge that you display. Wonderful stuff, Michael.

  26. Comparisons are odious. You are doing something incredibly valuable, and we would be poorer without it.

  27. Comparto nuestra musica desde Argentina! Alondra Jazz Quinteto


  28. Tried to send you an email, but it bounced back twice: A new Christmas Jazz concert, Home for the Holidays, with Janice Anderson and Chris Dawson is now available on YouTube – .

    Pastor Eric Shafer

  29. Thank you so much! Wishing you happiness at the holidays and onwards, Michael

  30. Jeff Kramer

    I was one of Ray Mosca’s drum students. Whatever happened to him?

  31. As far as I know, Day is still on the planet: he was born in 1932, so he may be relaxing somewhere. I will ask around.

  32. Bill Crow just told me that he spoke to Ray on the phone about a month ago and Ray sounded good. That’s the news!

  33. Doing a Google search on our humble operation Pure Jazz Radio I found your December 5th, 2008 edition announcing our soon to be coming jazz radio station premiering 1-1-2009.

    13 years plus later we are alive, well and knocking the cover off the ball with presenters from all over the world.

    Thank you again for your kindness then and your continued support of Jazz.

    Rich Keith
    Pure Jazz Radio

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