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Jimmy Rowles was a wizard of light and shade, of wit and deep feeling at the piano.  I momentarily fell into one of my eBay reveries and considered bidding on this artifact (which seems to be less mutable than the recent “Arthur Tatum” sighting) but then thought, “What would I do with it?”  Perhaps the wiser act is merely to post it here so that everyone can admire it — without succumbing to the costly need to HAVE it.

Rowles autograph

And if you haven’t listened to Rowles recently, I urge you to do so — joking around with Billie and Artie Shapiro at a Clef rehearsal, with Ben, Lester, BG, Zoot, or Peggy Lee — inimitable and wholly himself.


Yes, I know . . . this combination of words doesn’t occur often in daily discourse, especially because those of us who follow and idolize jazz musicians think of them as occupying a realm far above the ordinary obligations of our lives.  So when I saw this document advertised on eBay, I was first delighted to see what I assume is a genuine Art Tatum signature.  Then — the mind reels — “Arthur Tatum” had a mortgage?

And a “chattel mortgage” on a Plymouth?

“Research!” as the late Len Kunstadt used to say.

Feast your eyes . . . .

Tatum autograph