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Another eBay sighting — although by the time I’d come to write this post, this holy artifact had been sold. 

I’d place this as somewhere between 1949-50, San Francisco — because of the constellation of players not usually found together.  Whatever the circumstances and whenever, it is a fascinating collection . . . and the original owner (Francis) had his heroes sign both sides of this scrapbook page, thus giving the prospective owner a Janus-like set of pleasures. 

“Which side do I choose to look upon and revere today?”

I see Joe Sullivan, Wingy Manone, Skip Marr, Johnny Wittwer, and the elusive Len Diamond.

Billy Eckstine, Ralph Sutton, Pee Wee Russell, George Thow, Pat Pattone, and Red Cooper – – – “Lucky Francis!” is all I can say!


We get so used to idealizing our artistic heroes that it comes as a shock when we confront pieces of evidence that show them leading everyday lives.  Two such artifacts have just surfaced on eBay — pages from the celebrity register from a New York City restaurant, THE STUDIO, near Carnegie Hall, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The first page, from 1961, has been signed by Coleman Hawkins, J.C. Heard, Babs Gonzales, and others:


Hawkins loved the food!

The second page dates from 1958 and has a rarely-seen signature:


Oh, I hope that Billie liked the food as much as Hawkins did.